The Little Matthew

The Little Matthew

Our lovely friend Margie from Margie's page received her little parcel of Ponchik goodies and wrote such nice words about us that we couldn't help but share. You should check out her page for all things baby, life style and baby.

She writes:

You guys!!!!!!! I have to share this brand with all of you. I an soo in love with everything that is “Ponchik Babies + Kids.” I am Ukrainian but I understand and speak both Ukrainian and Russian. The Russian word “ponchik” is a pastry that’s similar to doughnuts.
So I will never forget this name and every time Matthew wears something from Ponchik Babies I cannot help but call him a ponchik since he is getting chubby/puffy a little:)

Ponchik Babies is located in Melbourne, Australia. So this was my very first international package and the customer service is just so perfect. I had such sweet and amazing experience with them. Love it.

I will be sharing on the blog my three most favorite items I got from Ponchik Babies + Kids. And I just love how amazing Matthew looks in these items.

  1. Safari Bib-Leo. How unique and beautiful is this bib. It is so much fun and I love how it Keeps Matthew occupied for a while because of those frills.  Ponchik Babies bib collection is just the cutest and the most unique collection.
  2.  Knitted Crown-Gold. OMG! This one here is my most favorite. Love it, we can wear it in or out. Love how it looks on Matthew. And did you know that pink crowns exist?  They exist for Ponchik Babies and I will definitely get one if I need one.

  3. Knee High Socks- Cloud Fox. Honestly, I’ve been looking for knee high socks for a very long time and I came across these at Ponchik Babies site and I knew I needed to get them! I will be coming back for more actually. Since winter is coming we will probably be having the heater on and the fireplace working so I wanted to get knee high socks to put on Matthew so he can just wear with a onesie and be comfortable. Yay for winter!!!!!!!!!!

    You all can shop these items and more with the links I added throughout my post. More pictures of my little prince: