About Us

Eva Lasky is a Melbourne based mum and yoga teacher who created
Ponchik in 2017 after the birth of her first son Archie. 
After leaving the fashion industry to pursue motherhood,
Eva kept searching for affordable, stylish and
eco-friendly baby clothes and gifts for Archie but couldn't
find quite the right style. Which is what
inspired her to create Ponchik. 
The brand name is a nod to Eva's Ukrainian heritage
where beautiful chubby bubs are affectionately
called ‘ponchik’ meaning - doughnut!
Eva has since introduced baby Teddy in 2021 to complete the family.
Ponchik upholds an outstanding quality and strives to create beautiful,
timeless pieces that will last the love of many children. 

We ship using 100% biodegradable compostable shipping bags, and have a
zero carbon footprint when sending via Sendle.
We have also partnered with AirRobe to continue the life of our
garments and joining the circular fashion movement.

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