At the heart of Ponchik is Eva Lasky, a Melbourne mum, devoted designer, and a yoga teacher. Post the birth of her first son Archie, Eva took a huge leap, deciding to leave the mainstream fashion industry behind.
As a new mum, Eva found herself endlessly searching for stylish, eco-friendly baby clothes available on the Melbourne design scene. She was surprised at how little was available to meet her criteria while still being affordable for new parents and their fast growing children.
It was this realisation which led to the inception of Ponchik - an Australian designed brand that echoes Eva's passion for sustainability and style.

The Ponchik story

Ponchik is a name deeply rooted in Eva's Ukrainian heritage, a term of endearment for delightful chubby bubs, translating to 'doughnut'! It was an organic choice for Eva, symbolising the love and care she wishes to wrap every child in, including her second baby, Teddy, who joined the family in 2021 and is the ultimate 'ponchik.'

Our commitment to you

Ponchik is dedicated to creating timeless, unisex pieces that seamlessly blend eco-friendly with ultra-comfort. From babies to toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-age children, we cater to all with our high-quality, cotton, breathable designs. Our pieces are not only stylish but are also durable and long-lasting, ideal for all-day wear. They're designed to stand the test of time and multiple machine washes, ensuring that they can be loved by multiple children over many years.


Our commitment towards being sustainable and eco-friendly doesn't stop there: we also ship our products in 100% biodegradable compostable shipping bags and maintain a zero carbon footprint with Sendle, our shipping partner..

Based on feedback from our customers, we've partnered with AirRobe to extend the life of our garments, firmly positioning ourselves in the circular fashion movement.

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