The Little Hat Box

The Little Hat Box

The Little Hat Box.

To the window runs little Sonny
And stares out with a cheeky grin,
Thinking about all the big adventures
Waiting just outside, for him.

Mummy slips on his blue onesie
and pulls up both his little socks,
now all that’s left for Sonny
is to pick a hat from his big box.

Sonny stands up on his toes,
and lifts the lid all the way,
before peaking at his hats
oh which one to pick, today?

Should it be the one that looks like a rabbit
and in the garden, bounce all day,
before stopping near mum’s flowers
and pretend to munch them all away?

Or will he put on the pineapple hat,
And lay cross-legged on the floor
As if he’s on some deserted island
relaxing on the tropical shore?

Or will it be the crown
which sits regally on his head,
so he can look over all his subjects,
(or rather the toys on his bed)?

From the kitchen calls out mum,
“it’s time to head on out and play!”
but with so many different options,
which hat should Sonny choose, today?