Once upon a time, there was a Little Ballerina

Once upon a time, there was a Little Ballerina

Through a hole in the big curtain,
the little ballerina peeps right through.
Her tummy fills with butterflies,
as she nervously tugs down at her tutu.

The orchestra is ready,
and the lights begin to dim.
The ballerina takes her stance,
feeling all elegant and prim.

As the curtain fly right open,
the ballerina gets a scare.
She hesitates for a moment,
before feeling the magic in the air!

With a tingle in her fingers,
and a twinkle in her eye,
she rises up upon her toes,
and reaches up to touch the sky.

With hands wavering through the air,
the ballerina continues to pounce,
and with every little dip,
her tutu gently begins to bounce.

With her feet so quick and nimble,
to the crowd she appears to float.
Moving to the sound of the piano,
the ballerina doesn’t miss a note. 

As the crowd stares in amazement,
she whispers ‘you’ve seen nothing yet’,
before quickly jumping through the air,
and landing elegantly in a pirouette.

The entire audience stood at once,
and began to clap louder and louder.
But it was the cheers from her parents,
that let her know they couldn’t be prouder.

So, just like the little ballerina,
who stood nervously in her tutu,
now’s the time to show the world,
that there’s nothing you can’t do!

Ponchik Xx