The Little Holiday

The Little Holiday

Top 10 Summer Holiday Travel Essentials For Your Little One

When it comes to holidays, travelling with your little bundle of joy can be a stressful adventure. So with summer well and truly upon us, we here at Ponchik have put together our top 10 travel essentials for holidaying with your little one:

1. Sunscreen
Whether it be baby roll-on or spray, there are plenty of sunscreens for kids which are
both gentle on the skin whilst tough enough to protect your little one when
out and about on one of their many adventures.
We love 
Wot Not 30 SPF Natural Baby Sunscreen

2. Teether and Teething Gel

There’s no less convenient time for those little chompers to begin emerging than when you’re far away from home. Travel armed with a tube of teething gel and our
adorable little wooden teething rings - made from eco-friendly, natural
birch wood with no wax or oil finishes, and are 100% non-toxic.
We love 
Bonjela Teething Gel + Ponchik Ice Cream Teether
3. Board Books
Just because they’re on holidays, doesn’t mean your bubs has to stop learning!
These beautifully designed books by Jo Witek are the perfect way to entrance
babies and grown-ups alike with their words and identifying their feelings.
We love 
In My Heart - Jo Witek

4. The Perfect Beach Bag
You know how it is at the beach: towel, cream, drink, toys - and all required in an instant! We love to use a bag that is easy open and fits all the essentials in. Best of all it has magnetic close = super easy to get in!
We love
The Prene Brighton Tote

5. Stackable Toys
Let’s be honest, as awesome as they are, toys can take up a LOT of space. So, for
those of us who aren’t willing to dedicate a whole suitcase to toys, we recommend
stackable toys. Whether it be by the in the car, on the plane or in the room, these sorts of toys provide endless options for imaginative playtime.
We love
Disoveroo Stacking Helicopter

6. Short sleeves onesies

Stay stylish and cool this summer with one of these adorable, short-sleeve onesies
from Ponchik. Made from 100% cotton, these onesies are super soft. Check out the other styles online for many cute and funky patterns, they’ll never have to worry about wearing the same thing twice!
We love:
Ponchik Bamboo Unisex Romper 

7. Water Nappies
Huggies water nappies. Enough said.

8. Sun Hats

Travel trendy tot must-have is a brimmed hat. Perfect for the pool, beach or any
outdoor outing.
We love:
Ponchik Bunny Hat in Rose + Cornflower

9. Baby Panadol
Don’t forget, just in know the drill!

10. Snuggly Toys

Arguably the most important travel essential for any baby is a soft and snuggly toy
We love:
Ponchik Plush Unicorn