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Ponchik x AirRobe

Reselling, renting or recycling your wardrobe is now easier than ever.

We’ve partnered with AirRobe to give you a more sustainable way to shop. We have a responsibility to keep our garments in circulation for longer and help you do the same. You can now save your BRAND purchases to your own AirRobe Circular Wardrobe[™] when shopping with us. Once you’ve worn and loved your items, you can easily list on the AirRobe pre-loved designer marketplace in seconds. Just think of this like your new virtual wardrobe.  

Giving your clothes a second life has never been so easy.

About AirRobe?

AirRobe is the new pre-loved designer platform that makes buying, reselling, renting and recycling your clothes easier than ever. 

How it works

Shop with us

AirRobe will show you an estimated resale price on our products.

Add to AirRobe in one click

When you add an item to AirRobe, it saves all product info and imagery to your own AirRobe Circular Wardrobe™. Simply activate your account post-checkout. 

No commitment. No fee to add. 


Resell, rent or recycle in seconds

List your products on the AirRobe pre-loved designer marketplace direct from your Circular Wardrobe[™] in only a few clicks. 

They give you a recommended real-time resale price, manage authentication and provide payment protection. 

 Buy better. Resell later. Consciously repeat. 

What is Circular Fashion?

The circular fashion economy is a market embodying the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling. It supports and relies on the production of quality fashion items designed to live on. Circular fashion can be reused & repaired multiple times. Add to AirRobe when shopping with us and be part of the circular journey. 

This is one way we can help make a difference together.